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Thank you! But my one is stored in E drive,then i find "system", find "mail" just can get these deleted sms. Most of them is unknown file format,but lucky the most important one sms still is complete to read. Good day! Please help me. I cant find the system folder where the deleted SMS are located. Hi, I have a Nokia and want to recover text messages deleted by accident. Can anybody tell me what type of lead I need to connect the phone to my PC and where I can get one from. Cheers, Steve. Hi, is it possible to recover sms from N72 using this procedure?

Please let me know the way to recover the sms from n Nokia e66 does not support file with extension. My mail address is thanh. As im reading i can see this software not working for all nokia models. Can u plz tell me if works for Nokia Navigator ? Really appreciate your early reply. My phone went in hung state and upon reboot the sms application was simply reset, i. I need your help to recover the messages from my phone. Not able to view anything under system folder. I have recovered my deleted messages , but not all, because the limit of memory is sms, unfortunately i could not recover the major one, the biggest one which was 'sitting' in "Draft" folder.

USB sim card reader software easily provide details sim card like service provider name and card identification number printed on the sim card. I tried lot but whenever i install soe msg come out about. Please if anyone has managed to recover deleted sms from NOKIA phone memory help me out how to do so. I having a Nokia Xpress Music that hanged for a few months ago, no particular reason why When I turned the power on the phone took about 5 minutes to start and then all content on the memorycard was gone such as SMS, music, playlists, pictures, program's and other things.

I turned the phone off and on a couple of times and after restarts the music came back visible and playlists, even the pictures and videos showed up after a while not in the same time. BUT the most important thing's missing Is there any way to recover this sms and folders on my Nokia Xpress Music memorycard? I had a very important story of my life on the phone and I want it back if it's possible?

Please help me, someone? I badly need dem bak.. I downloaded d said software bt it didn't get installed. Ive got a court case pending and need to recover texts message which I deleted 2 months ago. Please someone help!

Nokia Flip review: proof you can’t opt out of the smartphone generation - The Verge

I dwnloded d sftwar bt dat didn work.. I've lost all my msgs on my N95 and they are very important to me. Could any one let me know how to recover it? I've tried to download the FE explorer by it says that the phone does not support it.

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Please guied me. Please it is very urgent. Pls help me.. Well my messages of inbox has deleted automatically.. I downloaded the SIS file now what? How do I launch it if it is a SIS file? Hi I have Nokia I already installed Fexplorer pro, but all the files in the mail folder said not supported when i open it. What should I do to read the messages? Thank you. Hi - I connected my cell phone to my laptop to download the videos and pics.

After removing the usb from the comp, I am not able to see any of my inbox messages. Is there any way to get them back? There are few impt messages from my inbox which I am not able to view! I m able to download the FExplorer to my system and transfer it to my mobile but in my mobile it says not supported My mobile is samsung GT B Please help me frnds I have lost my msgs Trying to recover deleted text messages. Please help. I installed the fexplorer but i just find the messages that are already on the mobile i can't ind the deleted one where can i find it or do i have to do any operation to found it or recover it ;.

I have downloaded FExplorer but is not supported by Nokia classic model due to. SIS formate. Is there any way to retrieve deleted sms from my old sony ericsson ki? Thanks in advance x. I am currently in desperate need of retrieving sms on my Nokia i and my sim card. I believe that most of the messages that I need to retrieve is on simcard. How do I retrieve sms from my Nokia i?

So far I understood that one needs to run the software on the phone but how do one get the software into the telephone.

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I have this software on my pc,, I have a cable but how do i install it on my mobile phone,, any help,, needed asap my email is bstslr05 yahoo. Hi I accidentally deleted 3 sms's and want to recover them as early as possible. I had the story of my life stored in my folder whch got all lost.. Did you find out how to bypass that security block? If so, please share how to do it?

I am stuck in the same spot.

Nokia X RM-980 3G Dual SIM Phone (4GB)

Hi I am Richa. The all numbers deleted automatically. And mthe "log" is not showing the all numbers. It was the most important number for me. How can I get the number? Please Help me.

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Hi dear friend, can you please do me a favour. I need a backup file of nokia x Can you please send backup file "Backup NBF" to my mail princesalemkhosla at gmail dot com. Thank you very very much for your help. Lost all sms from folders Inbox and Drafts. The nokia mobile specification which i have is nokia c Can anybody help me resolve the problem and get the data for Inbox and drafts back.

Thanks in advance. Hello All Can anyone help me get data from Inbox and drafts folder back. I am using nokia c All of a sudden inbox and drafts folders show me 0 messages. I would like to recover the data. Kindly suggest. Appreciate your help. I downloaded the FE explorer but it did not work on my mobile i.

Nokia Supernova. Nokia Help me get the lousy bitch u lot!? Hi, I installed FExplorer many times i can operate that through my mobile though i am unable to operated it through pc i've pc suite and all. Nokia Classic Want to break my SD's password and recover some important messages plzzz help me.. This jst as fake as other fake softwares on the internet..

So frnds stop wasting your time here nd better try any other site. I assume that all the messages are stored in my mobile. So I browsed to C: drive, but I cannot see any folder with the name "system or mail". Instead it shows folders with name "predefgraphics, predefthemes, predeftones etc". I tried in the E: drive also but could not find the respective folders.

It only shows all the folders which are currently on memory card. If there is any other File Explorer which can be of help, please email me the link to download it on my email id md.

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  • NOKIA the sms was deleted unfortunately and i really need that sms. I have the same problem. I want to retrieve messages that got deleted by mistake but Fexplorer isn't working on my Nokia phone. Is there any other alternative? Were you able to successfully retrieve your messages? I am using Nokia i over the years with different sim cards. I now wish to retrieve all old sms' over Is there any way I can retrieve the sms' without having to use the old sim cards?

    I am using Nokia C5. I installed FExplorer. I also use recuva apps in Windows 7 to retrieve msg from sd card but not succeed. Where I can find the deleted messages? Plz help me. After connecting to pc it shows. I'm using X Hi, I am using Nokia Asha , I have accidently deleted the messages in it. I tried the feexplorer, but it is not supporting sis files.

    Can anyone help me? Nokia C does not support.

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    SIS file system. Thus I can not use Fexplorer to fix my problem. Thus, what do you suggest? Can anyone pls help me. I had stored some very messages in my drafts of E71 Nokia phone. I left it at a friends place.

    Backup contacts, photos, videos and sms messages from Nokia X

    Next day all my drafts disappeared , either it was a memory corrupt as it fell behind the bed. I stored it in memory card. Samsung Galaxy A Samsung Galaxy A10e. Samsung Galaxy Note Galaxy J7 V 2nd Gen Prepaid. HP Envy X2. Google Pixel 4 XL. Nokia 2 V. Samsung Chromebook Plus.

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    Cancel OK. The place for step-by-step help with your Verizon Wireless. Get quick fixes for common device problems, such as:. Sign in for faster solutions. Sign In. Better still, those snapping up a Nokia X handset in select countries can get a free trial of Skype World Unlimited, allowing them to make free calls to landlines in over 60 countries.. Just download the Skype Gift app from the Nokia Store to redeem the offer. For term and conditions visit Nokia. Highly popular game. LINE also has a desktop app, meaning you can sync conversations across all of your devices.